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The city of Wilsonville, Oregon, has announced a fun and comprehensive tourism marketing campaign focused on bringing more visitors and business travelers to this charming suburban community. To help their community find the right vacation, local entrepreneur Barb Gossack has opened a new Expedia CruiseShipCenters franchise in downtown Los Angeles. This is the first of its kind in Oregon and offers a wide range of travel options for business and leisure travelers, as well as full-service hotel and suite services.

Town Center Park also offers a variety of outdoor activities for children and adults, as well as a playground for children. The park features an indoor / outdoor playground, picnic area, play equipment and a water park. It has two playgrounds, a swimming pool, an amphitheater, dug - in pit, water slide, roller coaster and more. Features an outdoor pool with water slides, slides and other water features, as well as a picnic table and picnic tables.

It contains many artifacts donated by 40 pioneering families, including a fiver played at Abraham Lincoln's funeral. The tasting room is located on the second floor of the city center on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue. Near St. Paul's there is a small brewery with a wide selection of beer, wine, must, spirits and food.

The park offers something for almost everyone to do in the Wilsonville area, including exploring the Oregon Wine Route, spending a day in the park or taking a step back in time. Gossack and his team offer holiday advice and customers can choose from a variety of options, including tailored trips, excursions and insurance at an Expedia price. Customers always have the option to decide when, where and how to choose. For more information on vacation planning, travel planning and travel insurance, please contact the Wilsonville Parks and Recreation Office.

You can order the new Pocket Trip Visitor's Guide and gogo at www.wilsonville.org to explore the Pocket Trip route and order your latest Pocket Trip Visitor's Guide. Companies based in the Wilsonville area, such as hotels, restaurants, hotels and other tourism businesses, can submit free business and event lists on our website.

The group's concepts include improving river signage, creating an updated map and information on how to obtain river access permits. We also plan to seek help from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Parks and Recreation and Oregon State Parks for river management. Destinations such as restaurants and hotels can help with this map with information about their events and activities.

In addition to what the local community can do to promote the river, the Steering Committee members encourage them to set up storage stations so that people can get their vessels out. Eventually, they hope to build the non-motorized facilities and toilets along the rivers that Phelps says are needed. As fewer people travel to their favorite destinations along the Columbia River, it's vital to encourage locals to visit tourist destinations, Phelps and Baeth said. A gradual approach to tourism promotion is being introduced, focusing initially on virtual business promotion, then extending to Washington and Clackamas County, and eventually to everything that can be reached.

According to a 2018 visitor profiling study conducted by the Wilsonville government, 12% of overnight tourists visited World of Speed during their stay. Travel agents are also seeing a high demand for cruises, and a recent study found that travel agency use hit a six-year high in 2016.

Phelps said the closure of World of Speed could hamper other businesses that rely on tourism to generate revenue, but there are enough decisions and policies that are "fuzzy" and don't allow companies to operate and plan for the future. While the Wilsonville government wants to increase the number of hotels, restaurants and accommodations in the city, its main strategy is to position Wilsonville as a destination for visitors from other parts of the state, as well as the United States and Canada. Accommodations such as Portland, Portland International Airport, Oregon State University campus and the University of Oregon are more popular, according to the survey. But according to a recent survey of more than 1,000 visitors, World Of Speed is still one of the most popular destinations with a total of 1.5 million visitors.

We just don't know how long the tunnel will be, "Phelps said, but he said the lack of available waterfront land presents a challenge in promoting more interconnections between the river and the community. But he believes the reopening of Willamette Falls Locks, which has recently gained traction and could be approved next year, could open the Wilsonville community to Portland river users.

He looks forward to playing a more active role in the Wilsonville community and helping his friends and locals plan the perfect vacation. He added that allowing recreational athletes to store their equipment along the river was a long-term goal.

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