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The second annual party is scheduled for March 7-8, 2020 in Wilsonville, Oregon, south of Portland. Popular live dance company Shrine has announced a new venue for the second edition of its annual celebration of the Emerald City's most popular dance party. With over 1,000 participants and over 100 events per year, this small town can be described as a real destination festival.

Whether you're running, taking a family walk, putting on headphones or just sitting in the sun, Graham Oaks Nature Park has three kilometres of hiking trails. The park is a perfect hiking trail for the whole family and is home to beautiful wildflowers. From 9 July, the park will be open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. M. for all ages to enjoy a day of hiking, walking, biking, camping, picnicking, swimming and much more.

Whether you want to spend time outdoors with your family, escape the heat or enjoy a cold drink, there are many ways to make the most of your summer. Whether you are a beginner or the best - or the best - golf club, Charbonneau Golf Club is a great place to play a day of golf. The 27-hole Executive Course in Char Bonneau offers a variety of courses, from classic courses to more advanced courses. Come to the annual Urban Night O'Os of the CROC to spend a night of music, dance, food, drinks and more.

The registration day starts at 5.30 pm, then we have a mass start at 6 pm and come back to the Lucky Lab to set the time limit. If you have already held this event, please note that the controls have changed this year, as some courses will be new. Since we expect a large number of people to attend these events, try to arrive in time so that you can get a map and plan your route. Find your score and the order you like, and then make your way through the course in the direction of your choice.

Bring a good flashlight or headlight with a fresh battery, wear bright reflective clothing if you must, and walk very carefully over busy streets. Bring a chair or blanket to sit down, take a snack or a cold beer, listen to live music while shopping, enjoy a local food cart with dinner, or pick up fresh food from local vendors. Enjoy the show and enjoy the local music, food trucks, live food, beer and wine from our local breweries.

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Organizers stepped in to fill the void left by the closure of the Seaside Jazz Festival. Chairman Earline Dawes said: "Following the success of this year's event, the Al Kader Shrine Committee has decided to extend the Jump, Jive and Jazz to two days. This group is now a fixture in the monthly dances of the Sanctuary and one of our best dance groups in the area.

Ferrasci and O'Malley reached out to the historic society to see if they would work together, and they agreed. They suspected that they could spread the group over two days and limit its size to a few hundred people instead of the usual two hundred.

The city of Wilsonville said it needed a permit process for roads and sidewalks, during which organizers would gather information about potential impacts. WilsonVILLE City Manager Bryan Cosgrove also recommended organizers hire police to escort and direct traffic.

This is a good event, both as a team and individually, friends can be brought along, but you can leave it in the pub while we are on the pitch.

One question that the parade organizers are thinking about is whether it is okay for individuals to gather on the sidewalk or on the street to watch the parade. Giving out candy, balloons and flyers is not part of the event, Postma said, but "it's fine.

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